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UK-ICRS Conference / Workshop 27-28 January 2009
Following on from the successful meeting in 2006 at Oswestry this event at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore was well attended and had an exciting programme of international talks from scientists and clinicians on cell therapies, an update on ACTIVE, trial design, and workshop discussions on how to proceed with further research into this area. To read more please download the minutes and a summary written for the ICRS newsletter.

Protocol Amendments April '08
Patella lesions and osteochondral defects can now be treated in the trial (this was the latest amendment to be approved by ethics - see April '08 edition of the newsletter for full details) and a protocol amendment summary shows all the amendments.

April '08 RNOH, Stanmore have joined ACTIVE
Surgeons at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore have joined ACTIVE. This is a very welcome development and will certainly be a big boost to recruitment.

Nov '07 MRC agree to extend recruitment period
Following its review of ACTIVE in November 2007, the MRC has agreed to extend the recruitment period of ACTIVE up to the end of 2009.

UK-ICRS conference: Autumn 2008
A UK-ICRS conference will hopefully be held at Stanmore in the Autumn convened by Prof Dave Marsh and Mr Tim Briggs. Date yet to be confirmed. Watch this space for further details.

Protocol Amendments (March 2007)
Several amendments have been made including allowing MACI as an option in the ACI arm of the trial - see Study Documents for summary and latest protocol.

6th Oswestry Cartilage Symposium (Nov 2006)
This meeting was a great success, described by some as "one of the best clinician-scientist interactions we’d ever experienced".
see programme and delegate list.

Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment...
The main focus at present is patient recruitment - our Norwegian collaborators have done well in meeting their local recruitment targets. However, some UK centres are yet to randomise patients and the main difficulty appears to be a lack of patients that meet the inclusion criteria. We therefore encourage you all to be as proactive as possible in raising the profile of ACTIVE and widening referral channels.
If you have an opportunity to give a local presentation about ACTIVE please let the Trial Manager know or feel free to use this ACTIVE Power-point presentation.

Raising awareness among the general public
The Glasgow Herald contacted us over Christmas 2005 after hearing about ACI from the Arthritis Research Campaign - they then published this article:
As a result we had lots of queries from patients keen to take part in the trial. Most of these patients had generalised osteoarthritis and were therefore not eligible for ACTIVE but it was a helpful way of informing the general public.
If you are a collaborating centre why not contact your local newspaper and ask if a similar article could be published in your area?


ACTIVE is being carried out by the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic & District Hospital NHS Trust in collaboration with the University of Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit and Health Economics Facility. The trial is funded by the Medical Research Council and administrated by Keele University.